The Top 8 Places To Visit On Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a beautiful place to visit, no matter what time of year it is.  While your main purpose for visiting could be to vacation at the beach, that is not the only thing you can do while you are visiting the island.

There are a variety of attractions and sites that would interest you, and even be a part of making new memories with family and friends. Here are the top 8 places Anna Maria has in store for you.

Bridge Street Fishing Pier.

1. Bridge Street Fishing Pier.

This perhaps may be the best place to make new memories. This historic pier used to be the only access onto the island. At the moment, the clock tower on the bridge makes for an excellent prop for an engagement or family photoshoot.




Silver Surf's Private Beach

2. Beaches you should visit in AMI.

You would think that the Anna Maria Island is one large beach that goes around the island. While this may be true, the beaches of the island are segmented. This means there are several of them you can and should visit.

At the very least, visit the Manatee Public Beach, the Coquina Beach and the Bayfront Park.



Beer Can Island

3. Best Sunset Spot.

This is one of those where everything is so good, it becomes difficult to choose which place to go.   There are several places on the island you could choose from, but Bean Point, the northernmost point of the island, takes the crown.





4. Back Alley

This here is a real gem.  Back Alley is a specialty café, bar, and gift shop with one of kind items sure to fit everyone’s budget.  If you like quirky, you will not want to miss this place.


Bridge Street Bazaar5. Bridge Street Bazaar

It is always great to carry with you a memento of an experience that you have in your life. Those who play sports may carry a few scars from falls or hard tackles, but for visitors to Anna Maria Island… a branded t-shirt or other high-quality goods representing “island time” will remind your for years to come of the fun you had on Anna Maria Island.






6. Beach Blossom Studio

As soon as you leave the Bridge Street Bazaar, you should be making a beeline towards the Beach Blossom Studio.  Here, you will come across beautiful works of art that are unique, creative, and beautiful.  The artist’s one of kind work is made into everything from jewelry to clothing.  I promise you that you have never seen items like this in a mainstream store.


7. Bridge Street Interiors

If you are looking for a locally owned, unique place to shop, then you must visit Bridge Street Interiors – they also make reference to themselves as “Mermaid Haven” because you will find all kinds of mermaid items in this store as well as great island items for your home.   Deb and Matt, the owners, will welcome you when you visit.  Local, island shopping at it’s best.


8. The Cove

This store, located on Bridge Street, absolutely draws you in because of it’s soothing colors of art, jewelry, books and items for your home.  Everything in this store is created by local artisans and has a price point that meets everyone’s budget. Beautiful and cannot be missed.


Our Resorts

Silver Resorts offers two locations on Anna Maria Island. Bridgewalk, a Landmark Resort, and Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort.

Bridgewalk Resort

Bridgewalk is located on the quaint, centrally located, Historic Bridge Street and it offers spacious accommodations, most with Jacuzzi tubs and large screened verandas.


Silver Surf Resort

Silver Surf is an affordable Anna Maria Island resort with a private beach and a friendly, social atmosphere.