The Top 10 Things to Do on Anna Maria Island

Ready to get out of the “not so norm” of life and escape to a place where you set your watch to island time?  We have the perfect location and lots of things to keep your mind off your day to day responsibilities…It’s name is Anna Maria Island and it is located off the West Coast of Florida.

Florida is ready when you are and Anna Maria Island has the knack of giving you a different perspective by the time you leave.  While you are visiting, you can be a laid back as you would like near the turquoise waters or you can take advantage of all things to do in the area.

Here is our top ten things to do while visiting Anna Maria Island



The feeling of the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico is indescribable when it is on your skin. That’s not the only way to enjoy it though. A spot of kayaking could give you a different way to be one with your surroundings. Checkout Coastal Water Sports for some of the best deals on the island.




Boat Tour 2. Boat tour
The waters around the island are some of the calmest and the clearest you will ever come across. If anything, these are the perfect waters to see the wildlife that’s in the surrounding waters. Are you a fan of dolphins? You have a 95% chance of seeing them with a tour operated by Paradise Boat Tours.




3 . Fishing

If you work and live in a busy environment, then you may want slow things down a bit. What better way is there than to get in some fishing? Book A Little Sunshine has got your back when it comes to organizing fishing tours in the Gulf or the Bay.




Segway Tours

4. Segway Tours

If you are looking at spending some time in the sun but not in the water, why not spend it by the beach? And just to make things interesting, enjoy the serenity of the beaches of Anna Maria by hoping on a Segway or rental bikes. Enjoy this wonderful time via Segs By The Sea.






5. Water sports

Looking to spend your day splashing around in the water? A myriad of options is available to you. These range from kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, paddle boarding among many more. There’s only one place you should enjoy all this, and that’s with Coastal Watersports.




Beach massage

6. Beach Massage

The entire purpose of you getting out of your routine and going on vacation is to get your mind and body to relax. The fresh beach air and the environment is great for your mind and spirit. But what about your body?

A soothing beachside massage is the very thing you need to get rid of the tension you have beencarrying around. It could even help you heal from ailments that had refused to go away at home. For this, Searenity Spa has got your back; literally and figuratively.




7. Biking

Still on the mind, body and soul theme, a different environment is the perfect place to unload your mind. If you’ve been looking to jumpstart your new lease on life, your health definitely is the first place to start.
Now that your mind has a load off, why not get your body into some action by enjoying a spot of bike riding on the island’s bike path?








8. Parasailing

Getting out to the Anna Maria Island is just the beginning of an adventure and a lifetime of beautiful new memories. While staying on Anna Maria Island you can see this beautiful island from the air.   YOLO Adventures have made it possible for you to experience the world you live in a from a different perspective. Take advantage of it.




Paddle boarding

9. Paddle boarding

A vacation by the beach is a beautiful experience. Sometimes, you just want to lounge on the beach and enjoy some sun.   However, if you want to hang out on the water, then you might just want to try paddle boarding.   Coastal Watersports, can help you with that.  You can enjoy the beauty and the serenity of the water all at the same time.



Beach Horseback Riding

10. Beach Horseback Riding

This is one of the few places in Florida where you can ride your horse on a beach and in the water. The calm waters and flat sandy bottom of Palma Sola Bay make it possible to ride on a horse that is swimming. This is the birthplace of Horse Surfing! Horseback riding on the beach, swimming with horses, and Horse Skiing. Reservations required and The Real Beachorses will ensure you get an experience of a lifetime.



Our Resorts

Silver Resorts offers two locations on Anna Maria Island. Bridgewalk, a Landmark Resort, and Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort.

Bridgewalk Resort

Bridgewalk is located on the quaint, centrally located, Historic Bridge Street and it offers spacious accommodations, most with Jacuzzi tubs and large screened verandas.


Silver Surf Resort

Silver Surf is an affordable Anna Maria Island resort with a private beach and a friendly, social atmosphere.